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Pest Control Fawkner

Bug Buster Australia specialises in pest removal and control services for customers in Fawkner and the surrounding areas. We work with homes and businesses in the local community to ensure clean, safe and pest free properties.

Our highly qualified pest control team has a reputation for providing excellent customer service, affordable rates and effective pest removal strategies. Whether your property needs rodent control or a bed bug treatment, you can call Bug Buster Australia for help.

Call 1300 664 434 to speak to our team and arrange an inspection at your home or business.

Why Do You Need Pest Control?

Whether they’re as small as ants or as large as rats, pests are an unwelcome guest in your home. Some carry harmful diseases. Others like termites bring decay and destruction to properties. For your own safety and the safety of your family, it’s imperative you respond quickly to signs of pest infestation.

Bug Buster Australia specialises in the quick control and removal of rodents, spiders, ants, wasps, bees, silverfish, fleas, ticks, borers, cockroaches and more. Our equipment and pesticides may be deadly for these pests, but they are 100% safe for your children, pets and the environment.

Why Should You Choose Bug Buster Australia?

Access to Experts – we work with everybody from entomologists to technicians and healthcare professionals to ensure our pest control strategies are the best in town.

Safe Chemicals – all our pest control chemicals have been certified safe for use around children and pets. Unless your infestation is severe, Bug Buster Australia does not require you to leave your property.

Competitive Rates – nobody should feel powerless in the face of a pest problem. Call our team today to find out what we can do on your budget. We have pest control services to suit all kinds of properties.

Superb Customer Contact – don’t know what the problem is? Never hired a pest removal service before? Don’t worry. We’re here to guide you through the inspection and removal process. We know it can be scary, but we’ve got solutions.

Follow Up Inspections – we always complete our work with a follow-up inspection. This is particularly important after termite treatment. With a thorough termite inspection, our customers get the peace of mind of knowing removal work was effective and their property’s foundations are once again protected.

Emergency Visits – some pest problems are too urgent for the delay. If yourself or Bug Buster Australia believes a potentially harmful pest problem is developing, we’ll be at your property within hours. Our customers in and around Fawkner can depend on us to deliver effective pest control when they really need it.

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