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Bug Buster Australia offer professional termite control services throughout Melbourne. We strive to be the leaders in the termite control industry.

Termites are often called the silent destroyer

Because they may be secretly hiding and thriving in your home or yard without any immediate signs of damage. All termites consume cellulose-based plant materials.

Unfortunately, all homes, regardless of their construction type, can provide cellulose food for termite infestation. They primarily feed on wood, paper, books, insulation, and even swimming pool liners and filtration systems.

A termites is an insect with six legs & a body divided in three segments head, thorax & abdomen. Head has a pair of segmented antenna for the sense of touch, a pair of black compound eyes. Thorax is a three segmented part to which is attached a pair of legs.

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Spring typically is when large numbers of winged termites, known as “swarmers,” emerge inside homes. In nature, termites swarm to disperse and start new colonies. Triggered by warmer temperatures and rainfall, the winged termites emerge from the colony and fly into the air.

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. Bug Buster Australia is always ready to deliver the most efficient termite control as well as termite pest control services.

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