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These Are The Most Nuisance Creating Social Insects With Owning To Complex Nature, Genius Creatures Living In Colonies

Belonging To Insect Order… Hymenoptera.

Ants have elbowed antennae, constricted waists and fore-wings that are longer than the hind wings. Eggs, larvae, pupae and adult are the four life cycle stages of ant, complete metamorphosis.

They can sustain in many adverse conditions because of their complex societies.

Ants can infiltrate your home and cause endless stress with their organised invasions. Bug Buster Australia can routinely rid your home of these pesky critters. Experience your kitchen without ants and end your stress. We offer services in Melbourne and near areas.

The forage for food and sweets(protein/grease based) entails the way to them to ones house and the other companion ants join soon with the primaries following the pheromone trail on established routes left by the first.

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A proper check and identification of the species and the their facts leads the way to their termite control, all in context to specific ant entire, scent trails, nest locations, colony size and lifeline etc.

Two main ant incorporation are the ones living outside and foraging inside, and second being already have a nest built inside. The main ant species invading homes in Melbourne are brown ants, black ants, coastal brown ants, argentine ants, carpenter ant, odorous ant etc

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