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Pest Control Epping

Bugs Buster Australia offers a wide range of pest control and pest removal services in Epping and the surrounding suburbs. Our specialised pest removal services include commercial pest treatment and control services, residential pest treatment and control services and new construction pest control services. We can handle different types of pests, which include ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders and rodents. We also offer termite treatment services including termite inspection & control. If you notice any types of pests invading your home, we will do whatever it takes, including retreating the area to ensure that the pests are completely gone. If you are not satisfied, we guarantee your money back. 

Is your home invaded with Termites? 

At times, it can be very hard to detect any termite activities on your premises. This is because termites can survive even in the thinnest of cracks in your home or commercial property. They can get to these cracks and eat away the building without getting noticed. This is the reason why it is very vital to contact effective pest control and inspection services. Some of the signs that termites are feeding within the premises include; 

  • Dark areas in the wood
  • Hollowed or damaged wood
  • Evidence of swarms
  • Mud tubes
  • Dry termite droppings 

Besides termite inspection, we have effective termite control products to get rid of these harmful pests. 

Our Main Pest Control Services


Apart from ensuring that your place is free from termites, we also offer bed bug treatment, rodent control and ant control among other types of pests in the region.

How do we make your place pest-free? 

Regardless of the size of your property, pests can make your life a living hell. They can contaminate your food, destroy your property and even cause serious health issues to your family and pets. Our team will do a fantastic job to make your life much easier and comfortable.

  • We use the best experience to eradicate termites, rodents and all other pests from your premises.
  • We have specialized solutions for pest extermination that are reliable and eco-friendly.
  • Our team also uses the latest products and technology to achieve effective results.
  • We ensure that your property is not damaged, and we also mind about your health during the operation.
  • We offer protection against harmful pests to make your home or office a safe place to stay.

So, if you are looking for a reliable solution to your pest problems around Epping and nearby suburbs, call Bug Buster Australia today at 1300 664 434. We offer safe, reliable, and professional pest control solutions in Epping, nearby suburbs and across Melbourne.

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